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and strengthen america's defense capabilities. i thank the gentleman who will introduce and moderate our speakers. brad is the editor of armed forces journal. it has been published since 1863. congratulations to them. he has written extensively about the u.s. navy. bradley if you will? >> well, we live in interesting times. we have left iraq. we are drawing down in afghanistan. we are still pursuing al qaeda and similar groups. syria is burning. china is rising. it has not settled whether it is rival or partner. climate change is altering the world. globalization has entwined as productively and made us more brittle. our communications web allows the spread of violent ideas and unimaginable speed. the general who runs the development center put it this way. the momentum of human interaction is increasing exponentially. the security environment is changing. our military services which have spent much of the past decade relearning the lessons of counterinsurgency and expanding upon them are trying to figure out what they should be 5, 10, 20 years from now. the strategy side is just half of it. afte
ground defenses, you have to realize almost all those people not being convicted our blacks. 69% of blacks who raise the stand your ground defense were not convicted. that compares to 62% for whites. 80% of hispanics who raise the defense are not convicted. if blacks are being discriminated against because their killers are not facing any penalty, would it not also follow that blacks are being discriminated in favor of blacks who claim soft defense understand your ground law are convicted at much lower rates than other racial groups? is not all also these cases are the same. blacks are killed in confrontations where -- were 13 percentage points more likely to be armed than whites. blacks,lled by other the were more often in process of committing other crimes. they were involved in cases where was likely to have a witness. if you run regressions where you try to call all the factors that were brought up in the data set, you find that white defendants are more likely to be convicted by black defendants, and people invoking stand your ground laws who kill blacks are also more like
appellate courts. including the successful constitutional defense of the religious freedom restoration act and the inclusion of the in god we trust on federal currency. she spent over a decade in the solicitor general's office. her stellar reputation led a bipartisan -- a bipartisan group of seven former solicitors general to praise her as unfailingly fair-minded. in 2004, republican attorney general john ashcroft awarded ms. millet the attorney general's distinguished service award for representing the interests of the united states before the supreme court. and since 2007, she's led the supreme court practice in the washington, d.c. office of akin-gump. her work in are private practice spans commercial litigation and administrative law, constitutional matters, strat industry tri construction, even criminal appeals. she's represented army reservists and business interests including the chamber of commerce as well as civil rights plaintiffs. ms. millet is a nominee with unquestionable integrity and character. she's committed herself to pro bono work. she has done this throughout her career
normal -- >> referee: following the play, unsportsmanlike conduct, the defense, unsportsmanlike conduct, number 88 of the offense. fouls offset. second down. >> gary: just remember, if those two players get another one they'll be out of the football game so there is a consequence on the call. >> verne: second down and six. >> gary: we were talking about that gurley had been gassed but you've got to believe the georgia defense is gassed. 15 plays to three for florida in the second half. >> verne: murray. nothing. ronald powell. number seven. >> gary: it's right in the strength of the florida football team now. third-down defense. can they get a stop? this defense was built for third down. >> verne: third and six. >> gary: same defense that they scored the touchdown to gurley on. >> verne: murray has to get rid of it and is dropped by -- >> gary: he knew he was getting that rush when they gimmicked against the linebackers, he knew it was coming, he knew he had to get rid of it quickly. beless. the ball was on him. >> verne: nathan theus is the long snapaer. had one is good. barber gets ri
questions about self-defense in the be united states of america. in recent years we've seen a dramatic increase in laws expanding the situation in which a person can legally use deadly force in response to a perceived threat. florida passed the first of this new wave of stand your ground laws in 2005. prior to 2005, florida law held that a person outside his home could not use deadly force and then claim self-defense if the person could have safely avoided the confrontation. this, quote, duty of safe retreat, closed quote, sought to prevent public disputes from escalating into violence. but the gun lobby pushed to change florida's law so people could shoot someone who threatened them without first trying to avoid a confrontation. florida wasn't the first state to adopt the stand your ground principle, but florida's 2005 law expanded the principle in several dramatic new ways. first, the law grants criminal and civil of immunity for use withs of deadly force -- for uses of deadly force in stand your ground situations. second, it replaces a defendant's burden of proving reasonableness wi
. stand your ground laws, like all self-defense laws, require the heightened showing of necessity. the particular version of florida's 2005 law differs drastically from other laws and from the common law of self-defense in three respects. first, these laws remove the common law duty to retreat. this emboldens individuals to escalate a situation. the duty to retreat implies a duty to safely retreat. second, they shift the reasonable presumption of ear. under the florida law, he may be presumed to be fearful. this removes the responsibility to affirmatively show the necessity to take a human ife. thirdly, it has the unintended effect of encouraging vigilante is some that normal law revents. i discuss all of these issues at length in my written testimony. i also analyze the empirical evidence. to say that these laws decrease the incidence of crime, i think here are correlations there, ut i have not found causal evidence. stand your ground has little impact on homicide reduction. they appear to correlate with an increase in certain types of violent crime. time does not permit me more
a heavy burden in order to justify such an act. "stand your ground" law's like all self-defense laws require this heightened showing of necessity. the particular version of "stand your ground" law's which began with florida's 2005 law differs drastically from other "stand your ground" law's and from the common law of self-defense in three important respects. first, these laws are meant the common law duty to retreat. this has the result of emboldening individuals to escalate confrontation as opposed to an alternative rule which would be escalate confrontation and the duty to retreat in place the duty to safely retreat creates second, these laws shift the legal presumptions regarding reasonableness of one sphere it under a florida type law the actors presumed to be reasonably in fear of imminent death if he is in his home or automobile and this presumption abrogates the need for someone who is responsible for homicide to affirmatively demonstrate the necessity of taking another human life. third these laws provide the unity for arrests and civil liability. this has the unintended effe
shooting in accord to make business in the shaky cf for japanese companies japanese defense forced a stereotype about cement is an option come to find take a shine to one of the best sense. increasingly difficult to get him by name has the japanese need is to review the country's defenses any sense. disgusting but that the country's forces should be allowed to help an ally under attack one highlighted some of japan's security challenges he said he isn't concerned about north korea's nuclear and missile development programs the chinese incursions into japanese court as in the east tennessee. julie boyd for you no secret to keeping the difference exchanges between japan and russia. it is important not only for our countries but also for the security environment in the asia pacific region owned assets including discussions but the russians did not indicate any change in the japanese that any nation to continue working for peace. he was a ninety second gm this release is visiting japan agreed to help deal with the pumpkin on a sacrificial and nineteen click on it. accompanied by tackli
for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. surprise start, their top 10 it begs the question. who were those imposters in raider uniforms today? chip kelly's offense put up points like his old oregon nick foles got the start ovn ael vick and he >>> one reason for a surprise start, top 10 defense. who were the imposters in raider uniforms today? putting up points like the old oregon team. up 14-3. 2nd quarter, tj hayden fell down. going for cooper. 21-3 eagles. the raiders respond. ensuing drive, jennings, 8 start 20-10, now, before the first half ended the eagles would pack it on. plenty. wide open, 4th touchdown pass so far. eagles to the 28,-13 lead. davis, expressionless. now, the raider comeback would be without that man, mcfadden. hamstring again. back to work. jenkins fell down, jackson entered the end zone. jason defense just gutted by the 24-year-old quarterback. record-setting day. here is his 3rd to riley cooper. the 7th touchdown pass that ties an nfl record. raiders blown out by the eagles, 49-20. and oakland falls 3-5. >> i felt comfortable. i don't
your ground defense laws calling for states to qualify their standards which vary and are applied inconsistently. this is live coverage on c-span. >> young trayvon martin sought to defend himself because i strongly suspect that mr. zimmerman could not apprehend any lawful reason for a young black male to walk through his middle-class neighborhood. to mr. zimmerman, the blackness served as a crude roxy for criminality. this unfortunate outcome sends a twofold message. first, it tells floridians they can incorrectly profile lung -- young brack -- young black children, kill them, and be protected by standard ground laws. it sends a more ominous message to young black children for it consider myself fortunate to live in a jurisdiction that does not have stand your ground laws. what if it did? i have an african-american son who is just shy of his 13th birth date whose name ironically is trey. what advice would you give him? ie only responsible advice if lived in a standard grandeur is diction would be that if he ever felt seriously threatened by a stranger, that he would have to use a
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in the capital and throughout the country. ishikawa, nhk world. >>> defense officials in beijing have claimed that a japanese self defense force ship intruded into a zone where the chinese navy was conducting drills. japanese officials said s.e.f. personnel have been engaged in routine activities. crews aboard chinese navy ships began live fire on october 24th in the western pacific. defense ministry spokesperson yune said the japanese ship entered the zone despite repeated warnings. yang said japanese surveillance aircraft repeatedly entered the area, as well. >> translator: these actions by the japanese ship and aircraft have created hazards to the safe navigation of our ships and aircraft. it was a very dangerous provocation. >> yang said chinese officials summoned a defense from beijing to launch a protest. japan's defense minister dismissed china's protest. >> translator: it is normal for the self defense forces to conduct regular controls and surveillance in waters southeast of the islands in okinawa prefecture. such actions show no problems in light of international law. >> onodera say
the blue prohibprint is ou there now. texas tech will have work to do to shore up the run defense. >> gus: third down and four. here comes the blitz. and oklahoma state will not pick up the first down. rennie childs comes up a little short. and here comes the cowboy punt team. >> charles: based on what we're seeing tonight, the person who has some work to do is jeremy smith. rennie childs has been very impressive behind desmond roland tonight. >> gus: davis comes up and this ball will be downed at the 36. 7:01 to go in the fourth. yeah, the windshield just... glass broke and -- and screeching and i saw a... you know, a body come down from off the top of the -- the van. and i just thought, oh my gosh, what have i done. i just...what have i done? there's never...never a day that i -- i wake up and i don't think about it. [ deep sigh ] afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and
in the open society foundation. since 2011 the u.s. department of defense and c.i.a. have had policies requiring guantanamo doctors and other medical personnel to breach national standards including on site physicians have participated in interrogations and by assisting in force feeding. also the report found that military medical training lacks ethical grounding for doctors to protect human rights. the report comes months after president obama reiterated his promise to close down the prison. >> the pentagon is trying to manage the situation as best as they can. but i think all of us should reflect on why exactly are we doing this? >> reporter: the president's renewed effort to push congress towards the camp's shutdown was spurred by a long time detainee hunger strike. at the height of the protest, 106 men refused food and as many as 46 from forced fed. forced feed something a technique typically used for six patients having trouble heating. using into you bashan is painful, especially for an unwilling patient. >> it requires some force to be able to insert the tube into the thousand.
men from ft. myers to go on trial in the botched burglary and murder of the defenses back star and washington red skins pro bowler shawn taylor is not going to be spending life in prison. he was not convicted by this jury of 12 people. after about 20 hours of deliberating over four days on first-degree murder, instead they came back just moments ago with a second-degree murder conviction. clearly they had difficulty determining whether eric rivera jr. who showed not much more of a reaction during the reading of the verdict than that. he had a videotaped confession, prosecutors did of rivera saying he pulled the trigger six years ago this month when suddenly he was surprised inside the home of shawn taylor that shawn taylor comes out of the bedroom with a machete and that's when prosecutors say rivera shot him in the leg, and no gun and despite the confession, the jury only giving him second-degree murder. >>> the miami dolphins have indefinitely suspended a player over accusations of bullying. the dolphins announced that the offensive guard ritchie incognito's suspension came s
year, nine months apart. george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin claiming self-defense. >> i just want equal justice. i want them to be able to feel comfortable walking down the street. >> reporter: a shooter must only prove having felt threatened when he or she pulled the trigger. the law has unanimous support from every sheriff in florida. now they are fighting to quash stand your ground laws across the country. her only child was shot and killed in november of last year. they were in this suv at a jacksonville, florida gas station, a 46-year-old pulled up alongside them and told the teenagers to turn their music down. witnesses say, inc.ry words were exchaked. dunn says he was threatened and thought he saw a gun. he is shot into the suv killing davis. >> i kept screaming and all i could say was jordan is gone. jordan is gone. >> reporter: she also blames stand your ground for her son's death. >> it is not defined so people are continuing to use the legislation out of context to do whatever they want to do. you know, it's shoot first, ask questions later. >> reporter: dunn
, there is an add adversary process in which the defense can use a procedure error in the process to have the case thrown out. there is actually an article 3 court a very powerful incentive for an adversary mode of thinking even if there's not the process. >> i understand you, but now we are talking about a new level of standard for a terrorist on foreign soil that we don't provide to a u.s. citizen in front of any investigation, and if they are brought to the court, which happened just recently, they have all the same rights and responsibilities within the guidelines of the discovery; is that correct? >> including discovery and the ability to challenge the fisa warrants that were issued in the case to determine whether they were issued properly. >> but, if i may -- >> sure. >> -- a small minority of the fisa queries wind up in article 3 court. >> this is true, but, again, as in in the hearing in many other country when they do intelligence collection, they don't go to a court at all. >> yeah, and just for clarification, there's been another suggestion opposed to having an advocate in the court wi
to address is corporate tax reform, in which case we could eliminate it. on defense spending, no question in my mind that additional reductions in defense spending are going to have to happen, are going to have to go forward and done in a way that focuses on strategic goals of protecting this country going forward. and yes, again, we are back to the same situation, balancing out those spending reductions, in defense, food stamps, child nutrition programs. we have to find a balance in order to stay on a path that is fiscally sound for our children and grandchildren. host: this is an editorial from "usa today," don't cut the big benefit programs. we must not balance the budget on the most vulnerable people in the country. what is his role in the conference effort? guest: he is going to make the case for the protection of the vulnerable members of our society and the benefits and the safety net society and that's a useful role that he plays. however, i would also say as i said at the outset that the basic problem here is that it's the entitlement programs, not is afety net programs, it the
your ground laws. we would hear how these laws have changed the legal definition of self-defense. the senate judiciary subcommittee hearing is two hours. [inaudible conversations] >> this hearing will be the subcommittee constitution civil rights and human rights will human rights will come to order. today's hearing is entitled "stand your ground" laws, civil rights and public safety implications of the expanded use of deadly force. we have a large audience in the room today. at the outset i want to note the senate rules prohibit any signs of aggravation or disapprobation, which would include outburst, clapping our demonstrations. if someone wishes to be witness to this hearing and can't attend in this room, there's another room available, room 226 in the dirksen building. we begin by providing opening remarks and then give my ranking member, senator cruz, an opportunity before returning for witnesses. the debate over "stand your ground" laws raises fundamental questions about self-defense and the united states of america. in recent years, we've seen a dramatic increase in laws e
. however it was a huge night for hall, now scoring, becoming the first ever redskins with three defensive touchdowns. but they are having a great game here tonight. >> yeah. that's it, but they ended up getting rolled big time. we'll have more on that later. thank you. >>> shot after the suspect is on out of the hospital tonight. the officer was injured last wednesday when he and other officers, confronted a man in front of the car dealership. that man has been charged with attempted murders, being held without bonds. the final stretch for virginia with nine days until they go to the polls, the major forcements, joining him on out there on the campaign trails. >> when it comes to the political star power, it doesn't get much bigger than clinton. the candidate stood side by side with clinton. >> this election is about showing that the conservativism isn't dead. i say it's all about creating jobs. >> he's a very good man. he'll be a wildly popular man. >> reporter: he was selling the crowd on why he should be virginia's next governor. the two are old friends. >> reporter: while he made it c
and russia. to come is represented how the talks by foreign menace of the meal she died and defense minister into naughty little bit of a map with their russian counterparts ldl of waltham so gay sugar here is a bit too close to top off with a new page will try to trade cooperation in security and the fast kids who will pursue further dialogue on specifics and exchanges will help stabilize the situation in east asia as well as to promote world peace. this tool close to making signals the start for new relationships between the two countries today's taking marks a crucial step for putting trust in the discussion between jet that much. and the new meds and i'm also in the two countries confirmed the closer relations would help resolve the range of the shoot. he cited problems on the korean nation on the grill this beach and to risk his exceed the two sides agreed to boost joint exercises between japan's maritimes self defense forces in the russian navy due to the details i agree to hold what level talks on the waist to come to this type of cox two ways. russian foreign us and invited the japan
to ask the e.u. for assistance. bulgaria's defense ministry began constructing the 107-kilometer fence along the turkish border last week. it expects to complete the project by february 2014. illegal immigrants who are not from syria are also entering the country through turkey. the bulgarian government has also announced a plan to tighten immigration controls to help reduce the influx. >>> a chinese newspaper has apologized for alleged misreporting by one of its journalists. police detained the reporter after he made allegations about corruption at a state-owned manufacturing company. the guangdong based "new express" had been demanding the release of 27-year-old chen yongzhou. the paper carried unprecedented front page articles on two consecutive days last week. but the "new express" ran a front page editorial on sunday in which it apologized to its readers. the article says the paper had failed to fully confirm the facts in the report. it says the way the "new express" demanded chen's release was improper and has damaged trust in the media. state-run xinhua news agency and other chi
, if a bit sleepy. as he said, my new book was really an effort to take the temperature of public defense across the country and i visited a lot of public defenders offices, watched a lot of trials and discovered that there was a crisis in the court's that probably all of you are well aware of and really tried to dig in and find out what was going on and where all these problems were arising that we didn't have equal justice 50 years after gideon. what i would like to do is read a little section of the book first and talk for a few minutes and read a brief section. so, the section i'm going to read is in the conclusion because it's about public defenders in a conference i went to with public defenders since i thought there were probably quite a few of you in the audience, you might find it musing. i don't know. the national defenders association opened the conference in washington dc in 2011 addressed the crowd of 300 public defenders with a room with space for many more. does society demonize you? of course. do they suggest you are working for the wrong people? of course they do do the
-4. one of the huge reason for the surprise start, the defense, who were those imposters in raider uniforms today? chip's team put up the defense. already up 14-3. over dj, fell down, easy catch, cooper, 53 yards, 21-3 eagles. but, the raider comes back. jennings to make it 21-10 on the 8-yard score and then before the end of the 1st half, the eagles pack it on. plenty of time to find them wide open. 4 touchdown pass, eagles leading 28-13 at the break. davis could not believe his eyes. any type of raider comeback would be without mcfadden. now, jackson falls down. 6th touchdown pass. jason start for defense being gutted by the 24-year-old record-setting day. the 7th touchdown pass. that is 7, it ties an nfl record. 49-20 and oakland falls 3-5. >> i felt comfortable. i don't know. [dropped audio ] we had a bad day. all right. it happens. it happens to everybody. you go out and have a bad day. you don't know what you are capable of doing, that is what happens. at the end of the day it was an old fashioned butt whooping. >> 7 touchdowns in a road game the first since eisenhower was in
result that dogged relations for decades. they will meet this weekend with defense ministers. those talks will be the first of their kind. they discussed how to proceed with negotiations on islands held by russia and claimed by japan. they agreed to have their deputies meet early next year, and they also agreed kishida will visit russia in the spring. they said they would start negotiating an accord to make business in russia easier for japanese companies. the japanese defense minister met his russian counterpart. he said an increasingly difficult security environment led japanese leaders to review their country's defenses. he said they're discussing whether their country's forces should be allowed to help an ally under attack. he highlighted some of japan's security challenges saying leaders are concerned about north korea's nuclear and missile development programs, and repeated chinese intrusions into japanese waters in the east china sea. >> translator: deepening the defense exchanges between japan and russia is important. not only for our countries, but also for the security environme
on and anticipated there would be a defiant challenge on the part of the defense and teams as transpired this morning with the refusal to recognize the court and follow procedures like wearing the required attire and i think the government was very worried this would only insight further prozests. they are almost like in a no win situation here and if they have coverage it will be clear how defiant morsi and supporters are by not covering it, they will only insight further suspicion among his supporters that we are not facing a transparent legal procedure but something along the lines of what they call a kangaroo court. >> reporter: many thanks for joining us and stay with us and we will be coming back to you as we continue our live and comprehensive coverage of the trial of the ousted president mohamed morsi. this is the scene outside of the court from the cairo police academy where those protesters were gathering. here is another area of cairo where we saw not quite peaceful scenes and scuffles there and people's anger clearly running pretty high and we are seeing thousands upon thousand of securi
services committee, has been very much involved putting those sanctions in place. alas national defense authorization act had the last tranche in that bill. i'm not one who has any sense at all and opposed to sanctions. as opposed, i am very for it. if we respond to this possibility in a negative way instead of being study and keeping sanctions in place, if we tighten the screws now when it looks as though, apparently against some opposition at home and in iran, that the iranian leadership may be willing to talk about ending, modifying, changing and making less threatening their nuclear program, and to response is negative, they could very well lose the very countries, particularly russia and china, who have stood with us to put sanctions in place internationally. it would weaken our current stations possibly, and i would say probably but at least possibly, for us to respond possibly, for us to respond rhetorically or through additional sanctions in a negative way before we have taken the couple of months that are needed to explore the reality as to whether there is a real change in ira
there and the defense minister in brussels before we afghanistan. feel that things have significantly improved and changed for the better during the last ten-year period. have been there perhaps 12 times or so. my staff who is with me today will tell me later on it was only 11 or it was really 13. have been there a lot. and the changes are pretty striking, particularly in the last few years. that is not the impression which the american people have and i will get into that in a moment. but that to me is the obvious fact that things have changed better.nged for the number of ways in afghanistan. first of all, it is more secure. is more secure because we came. it is that simple. we and our allies have made a difference. army,rowth of the afghan the strength of the afghan army on the police now, which has grown into a much more capable and respected force, including local police, which has made a major difference villages ofy in the afghanistan because they are directly connected to the elders in those villages. feared forcemost policeose 25,000 local feared by the taliban and because they are so
to let them get that bit of thought has gone. joe defense minister thomas teammate jimmy since he helped all tickets have gone on to our dismay the condo comedy as button but she was a big drop from the country after more than a decade long that any deployment. we have reports german defense ministry of home esteem is that mitch is of one column to find just enough khan mohammed vi. all of which would fit into again according to the defence ministry. there was a time that he can send the cooperation between the two countries. after the movie to add them in mauritius for the children on false sense of what ministers met the press to beat them about the show was nice to be discussed in process. on oct two and shaking him and calling oh two was an eighteen pc between two lbs off nato countries as she and i scrapped with the collar to keep its defence is strong at the time affording me the key spending. jilly nice because it is cost. i knew the defense minister as active process meeting is that they need donations act as feed her knee she was eating a class to help small and neat undies. the
to be the defensive back. after tonight, i think shane made the right decision. >> joe: he's involved in his third world series. he already has a ring. first year with the red sox. brandon workman started the season in aa is getting loose. count has gone to 2-1 for carlos martinez. flyball into left. holiday comes to get it. one out. let's look what the red sox have been able to do throughout this postseason. they took care of matt moore and david price at the tampa bay rays in the division series in games one and two. they got ver lander in game three. scherzer in game six. and now here in this world series, they defeated the top starter for the cardinals, adam wainwright two times in games one and five. here's a flyball into right. two out. in this world series, adam wainwright is 0-2 juan e.r.a. of 4.50. he's gone head-to-head with jon lester twice. and lester, tim, is 2-0 in this world series. one earned run. 15 and a third innings pitched. he's 4-1 with an e.r.a. of just over 1.5. >> tim: and being masterful with that cutter. stephen drew takes the strike. this is a red sox team that up is he
. there is a better way, colleagues. is there-- my view parity between defense and nondefense. the rule of the whole -- theration debate rules were that you are going to cut defense and nondefense equally. to change those rules in the middle of this debate would be a very substantial mistake. what we do with respect to defense, we need to make an health,mmitment to education, infrastructure, and finance investment that will secure our future. those three areas, taxes, medicare reforms, and budget fairness strike me as three areas where we can come together and find common ground. i look forward to working with all of you. >> thank you. cliburn.yburn -- mr. the task of this committee is to an agreement budget. while it would've been prudent to have these negotiations last summer, i am pleased that we are now beginning these important discussions. address the automatic spending cuts that are hurting our economy and undercutting important priorities like education, medical research, and national security. ation'smust put our n fiscal house in order and reduce our debt to a manageable level. there are d
for example is this a self defense case. there has to be enough time to create a relationship, is she said. that's where the the difference is between rich and poor. the rich because they are paying for their time will have as much time with their lawyer as they need. ". it's a serious thing that they know the system is broken. and the criminal justice across the united states acknowledge deep flaws in the way representation is provided to people. eric also spoke to the american council of chief defender in 2009. we know they lag far behind other justice programs. they constitute about 3 percent of all criminal justice expenditures in our nations largest counties." i'm going to skip ahead. we interview lawyers, who fire appropriate motions and do many other things that attorneys should be able to do as a matter of course. finally we know there are numerous challenges in the public defense system like budget shortfalls. he acknowledged the challenges the system faced were not new and quoted justice hugo black when gideon came before the supreme court. there can be no equal justice when a t
at communities, including military communities, is the department of defense affected by this, too? >> that's absolutely right. among the agencies that are tasked with coming up with an analysis over the course of the next nine months is front and center the department of defense and housing and urban development and the epa and such. the d.o.d. is one of the focuses of the folks who are being asked to assess how climate change may impact their mission and what they do. >> so now there's an executive order, a task force for nine months, what happens next. >> the nine-month period is really interesting because it's widely expected to overlap the period of time where the obama administration is going to be pak making a decision on the keystone pipeline out of canada which is an issue that the canadians want approved and the environmental community has rallied against. so for the obama administration, the timetable of this is going to overlap or coincide very likely with that decision. so a lot of what happens over the next nine months may be political, who is joining the task force, what are
three defensive outs from their eighth championship in franchise history. coming up on america's new 24 hours sports network, fox sports 1, live postgame coverage from fenway. lebron and philly and allen tifr iverson officially retires. there is a celebration here after tonight's game. it will be covered and covered well. two on, one out for napoli. strike one. napoli has two hits in this world series. one was a three-run double in game one. and the other, an rbi hit in the fourth inning tonight. strike two. >> tim: the world series team in recent memory made more economic use of their base hits than the red sox in this series. >> joe: out of play. >> joe: napoli trying to avoid striking out for the fourth time tonight. two on, one out. 0-2 the count. ball one. >> joe: here's the 1-2. 2-2. >> joe: now 2-2. full count. with three intentional walks handed to ortiz tonight, ties a world series record. barry bonds and albert pujols the other two. here's the 3-2. strikeout for the second out. we said it a couple times already tonight. if it happens here tonight, the red sox will clinch a wor
tonight is pitching and defense. they hire a new pitching coach, dave wallace. been with six different organizations, most recently with the atlanta braves, and the defense is recognized with the announcement of the gold glove awards. and 21-year-old manny machiato voted the best third baseman in the american league. all the more amazing when you consider he was a short stop before he made his major league debut in august 2012. the first o's third baseman to win a gold glove since the great brooks robinson who got his in 1975. short stop jj hardy wins a gold glove for a second stlat straight year. hardy played more games than any american league short stop in the whole season and turned the most double plays. adam jones is good as gold for the first time in his career vote as the best in the field in his position. jones led the league in assists and put out a big part of the record setting defense that had the fewest errors and best fielding percentage in a season. >>> the ravens have a good reputation of playing good defense. the football birds return to practice tomorrow coming off t
defense and other key priorities. we feel it, i know you feel it. i want to focus on four areas where i think we are closer together than we might think as an encouragement to finding compromise. first, we should acknowledge the 2014 budget numbers are not that different. the senate sets discretionary trillion.t $1.058 senate number is 1.508. the difference is about 2.5%. i think you would argue it is smaller, because the republicans would argue the senate numbers might be artificially high because we assume there would be no continuation of sequester. we assume the house number is artificially low. so i think the real difference is about 1.5%. i can't believe we're going to miss an opportunity to do something right for the nation, for our economy, because we can't close a difference in 2014 of 1.5%. we are closer than we might think in 2014. number two, we should all agree that growing the economy should be the primary goal. the major test of a successful budget is not inc. on a page, or even the gdp to debt ratio. it is whether a government spending plan helps produce a growing econom
and replace sequestration in different wales. the house budget fully replaces the defense cut, lists the b.c.a. cap, and pays for that by cutting from key domestic vements -- investments. the senate budget pays for that with an equal mix of spending cuts and revenue caused by wasteful tax loopholes that benefit the wealthiest americans and corporations. so getting a bipartisan deal to replace quest racial is going to require compromise. there is no way around it. i am going into this budget conference ready to agree to some tough spending cuts that unlike the quester -- sequester caps that disappear in 2022, will be locked into law. i know there are some republicans that would be interested in swapping some of the infish and damaging sequester cuts with programs that would save many multiples of cuts over the decades. i'm ready to listen to their ideas. as long as they are fair for seen yoirs and their families, i'm ready to make some concessions to get a deal. commowmies runs both ways. while we scour programs to find responsible savings, republicans are also going to work with us to scou
. the russians i think raise a valid issue, whiches is the relationship between offense and defense, and that means addressing some issues between ssia and moscow on missile defense. sergey and i have had this discussion on arms before. certainly there is a relationship between strategic offense and strategic defense. i would agree that at some point there should be a treaty regulating missile defense. the fral practical reality is that's not possible here now. that's an american problem. that's an american problem with the u.s. senate. i guess @ at this point i would say, if we can't fix that, can we doing in something else snl and from the perspective for the foreseeable future the gap from strategic offense and defense is going to be so large, maybe there's another way to go. what i'm hoping is if we get more experience working together on syria and iran, there may be prospects for washington and oss cow to -- moscow to return to an agenda where they have consistent improvement from the past. taking missile defense, if you could resolve those problems, move back toward the idea t
to the budge control act and replace it in different ways. the house budget replaces the defense cuts, lifts the bca cap, and pays for that by cutting deeply from key domestic investments. the senate budget replaces all automatic cuts and pays for that with an equal mix of responsible spending cuts and revenue raised by closing tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy and big corporations. getting a bipartisan deal to replace sequesteration is going to require compromise from both sides, no way around it. i'm going into this budget conference ready to agree to some tough spending cuts that unlike the sequester caps that disappear in 2022 would be permanently lockedded into law. republicans are interested in structural changes to programs that save moment. s of the cuts replaced over the coming decades. i'm ready to listen to the ideas and as long as they are fair for seniors and our families, i'm ready to make tough consensus to get a deal, but compromise runs both ways. while we scour programs to find responsible savings, republicans are also going to have to work with us to scour the bloated
surveillance programs. witnesses will include james clapper, james cole, and keith alexander. >> defense secretary chuck hagel held a news conference with the defense minister of new zealand. he was asked about nsa spying and iran's nuclear program. this is 15 minutes. >> afternoon. aftert afternoon -- good noon. jonathan coleman and i just finished a working lunch where we reinforced of the close ties between the united states and new zealand. having fought together in every major conflict of the last century, including afghanistan, our bonds are rooted in common interests but also in the history and values we share. our partnership is important. it is important to peace and prosperity in the asia-pacific and the united states remains committed to strengthening this partnership as one opponent of our rebalance to the region. we emphasized the significant progress we have made in expanding our defense cooperation since the washington declaration was signed last year. in addition to high-level visits like this one, we have had a productive set of exercises and training initiatives. the fi
in raising stand your ground defenses than whites are. there's another point that needs to be made, and that is the ambiguity. it's -- one type of ambiguity was discussed, but there's the ambiguity having to face the person who is agenting in self-defense. what's the appropriate amount to retreat when they have to defend themselves, and the issue here might be who do we want to make, have to make deal with that ambiguity. when somebody's facing very quick decisions that they have to make in terms of life and death. do we want to make them bear the burden to fry to figure out if at that time how far they are going to retreat, and then make them realize they maybe second guessed as i have an appendix showing the number of cases where they were second guessed. in cases where legislators and others thought second guessing was wrong that so they make it somebody needs to act in self-defense is stopped from doing so thus endangering the safety of themselves or their family members that are there. finally, mr. labahn talking about being able to go and have your stand your ground law apply
and the relationship with pakistan. still with us is david sedney, former deputy assistant secretary of defense. and in new york, faiza patel, and shuja nawaz. what is pakistan doing about these tribal regions welcome what control or oversight do they have over there? >> they've been gradua gradually using control. the making people in that part of the country feeling like their' pakistanis 100%. they're treated under a very different set of laws. they're governed by the president through the governor, a neighboring province, and so they are excluded. in fact, in pakistan the area is referred to as the alien territory , or the foreign territory. so there is a disconnect between the area and pakistan proper, yet it is part of pakistan. i would like to go back to something that david said about it being a battle zone. i if that's the case, thi this is creating a legal issue similar to vietnam and cambodia, which was not part of the war zone, should u.s. forces be used when there should be some policing done. the problem will continue when the pakistanis are not capable nor have they shown the des
the defense? they turn in five sacks and picked off ben roethlisberger a couple times. a lot of people surprised by the silver and black defense but one of those people not surprised. the steelers quarterback, ben roethlisberger. >> good defense. they got after us and they were better than us. >> you look on paper. they are not as good the. >> well, it is on paper. this is average great place to come play. the fans are passionate. they just beat us. >> there you go. that it pro football talking high school football. our game of the week. there is your selection. get to and the teams that get the most votes will feature friday night here on channel 2 our friday game of the week. >> that is it for now. >> thank you, mark. >> tonight on the 10:00 news, closing san francisco's parks each night. the proposal is sparking a proposal camp out tonight. we'll see you at 10:00. are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all
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